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An investment manager with a new solution to higher stable returns, as an alternative to fixed income.

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MD Investment Management  offers the TWELVE Fund with a target return of 1% per month or 12%  per year. The fund sells equity index put options and hedges the resulting market risk.


The fund is set up as a QUAIF (Qualified Investor Alternative Investmewnt Fund) and therefor only available to professional investors. The minimum subscrtiption is EUR/USD/GBP 1,000,000.


As an example:

  • A financial portfolio worth 100 can be protected on the downside
  • If the market goes down to 90, the insurance pays out 10 to keep the portfolio value at 100
  • The insured pays a monthly insurance premium for this protection. Depending on the level of cover, the insurance premium can be 2-3% per month
  • The TWELVE fund writes this insurance and take the premium as monthly income
  • The best known investor to use this strategy is Warren Buffet at Berkshire Hathaway.


The TWELVE fund will sell out of the money put options on lthe Eurostoxx 50 index. The resulting delta and vega exposure is hedged using futures.


While the income from this is lower, the lower risk of the strategy gives more stable and reliable returns. 


The Twelve Fund is aimed at Family Offices, Pension funds and Insurance companies along with other institutional investors, and will seek to return 12% per year, 1% per month.


The TWELVE Fund seeks to give a certain amount of predictability which lets investors get an idea of what the will receive at the end of their investment period. 


The returns are not guaranteed in any way, but the track record shows them to be stable.


The TWELVE fund benefits from compounding returns, which rewards investors who keep their money in for longer.


With the TWELVE Fund time is on your side.






MDIM Max will seek to return 20-30% per year through offering equity put options, offsetting some of the risk by hedging the positions.


Aimed at institutional investors, MDIM Max has low correlation with other types of returns, which offers a better diversified portfolio.


MDIM Max Offers Investors: 

  • An alternative cash return to a moribund market with minimal at-risk capital 
  • A hedge against a normal portfolio account investment profile 
  • High monthly (2%-3%) and annual (20-30%) returns
  • Short trades allow access to cash returns
  • Easy and fast trade exit
  • Tax effective and compliant Fund structure delivers returns without corporation tax retention

MDIM Max Offers Portfolio & Pension Managers: 

  • New product to balance portfolio with a low risk and high return profile
  • Diversifies portfolio from traditional equities, credit derivatives, other asset plays
  • In slightly downward trending markets

Other risks not presently known to the Issuer and therefore not discussed herein, may also adversely affect the Issuer and detrimentally affect the price of the Shares and the Issuer’s ability to service its debt obligations. In addition to this section, a potential investor should also carefully consider all other information in this Company Description.


The Company Description refers to forward-looking statements which may be affected by future events, unknown risks and uncertainties. The Issuer’s actual results and performance may vary considerably from the expected results represented in statements about the future due to many factors, amongst them, but not limited to, the risks described below and elsewhere in this Company Description.


Speculative Nature of the Investment


Investing in a security of this nature, with potentially limited liquidity, is speculative and involves a significant degree of risk. There may not be any market or ability to sell the shares.

Risk Warnings

Risks relating to investments.

Investors should remember that the value of an investment and the income received from an investment can go down as well as up, and they may not get back the amount they invested and investors should be aware that they could lose the full amount of their investment.


Dependence on Key Persons


The Company and its business are dependent on a number of key persons including the directors and senior management. The loss of the services of any of these individuals could have a material adverse effect on the Company’s business. It is possible that the identity of the Directors may change during the term of the Shares and, therefore, the ability of the Company to continue to meet its obligations to holders of Shares will also depend, inter alia, on its future directors and management team. The recruitment of suitably skilled Directors and the retention of their services or the services of any future management team cannot be guaranteed.

Investing in the Shares is subject to a number of inherent risks.


There are numerous risk factors and uncertainties that may adversely affect the Issuer. Risk factors and major circumstances assessed to be of importance to the business of the Issuer and its future development are detailed below, in no particular order or priority and without being all-encompassing. Prior to investing in the Shares, prospective investors should carefully consider the risk factors associated with investment in the Shares, the business of the Issuer and the industry in which the Issuer operates, including regulatory, technical and financial risks.


Should any of these risks or other uncertainties actually occur, the business, operating results and financial condition of the Issuer could be significantly and adversely affected. This in turn could have a material adverse effect on the ability of the Issuer to produce profits and would affect the value of the Shares and dividends payable to shareholders. 

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